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The Canadian Lutheran is the award-winning magazine of Lutheran Church–Canada. It is published six times a year and features inspirational and educational articles. Extra material is also posted at The links/files below are all in Adobe PDF format.

The Canadian Lutheran September/October 2017 Edition

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The Good Confession

Reformation 500: Heart & Sola

Back to the Catechism: Confession

The Word of Absolution

In Review: It

History of the Reformation: The Augsburg Confession

All the Time in the World

Recent Editions

The Canadian Lutheran July/August 2017

The Eternal Word in a Changing World

The Faith of our Fathers

The Lutheran Reformation in the Palatinate

Back to the Catechism: Baptism

Baptized into Christ

I Support Restructuring

In Review: Dunkirk

History of the Reformation: Translating the Bible

Book of Concord Readings

What We Are Called to "Bee"

The Canadian Lutheran May/June 2017

Mending the Net

The Reformation and Ecumenism

Common Myths on LCC's Restructuring

Beautifying the Church

Loving our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters

In Review: The Promise

Book of Concord Readings

Canada at 150 Years

History of the Reformation: The Diet of Worms

And I am the Only One Left

The Canadian Lutheran March/April 2017

Missing Jesus

Easter and the Reformation Faith

Back to the Catechism: The Creed

We All Believe in One True God

In Review: The Shack

History of the Reformation: The Excommunication

Book of Concord Readings

Luther's Reformation: Yes, We Are Celebrating

The Canadian Lutheran Archives

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