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Convention Greetings

His Worship Carl Zehr, mayor of the City of Kitchener, brought greetings to the synod convention on behalf of city council and the citizens of Kitchener. He observed that faith communities play an important role in improving the quality of life of communities and commended our church for its contribution to the Kitchener area. He invited visitors to explore Kitchener and extended best wishes for a productive convention.

Dr. Kieschnick, president of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, extended heartfelt greetings from the church's 2.3 million members. He congratulated Lutheran Church–Canada for its success in recruiting and training church workers and serving an increasingly diverse Canadian society. He encouraged LCC to take seriously the mission of proclaiming the Gospel to those who do not know Christ, noting that the church "cannot afford to waste time on incessant internal purification at the expense of the lost in the world." On a lighter note, President Keischnick congratulated President Mayan on his expected re-election and suggested that having one name on the ballot sounded good to him. Dr. Kieschnick went on to explain that his own election to the office of the president was the result of a 50.3% majority!

Vice-President Susan Johnson, on behalf of Bishop Ray Schultz, brought greetings from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC). Mindful of the impending vote regarding "interim eucharistic fellowship" between the ELCIC and LCC, Vice-President Johnson likened the relationship between church bodies to a family. "We don't have to like each other, but loving each other is mandatory," she observed. "It is out of love that the ELCIC has issued an invitation to share eucharistic fellowship with you. Whatever your decision, we will continue to claim you as family." Vice-President Johnson gave assurance that members of the ELCIC will continue praying for LCC and asked LCC to remember the ELCIC in its prayers.

In the morning business papers, delegates also received greetings and best wishes from The Office of the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Jean Chretien, and from the Honourable Ernie Eves, Premier of Ontario.

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